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Comprehensive Disaster Risk Assessment

This portal is primarily designed for actors involved in response and early recovery assessments related to humanitarian disasters. Ideally, those urgent assessments will inform comprehensive disaster risk assessments after the acute humanitarian needs are addressed and at the earliest possible date. Therefore, it is important, even at the response and early recovery stages, to consider resources for comprehensive disaster risk assessment. It is important to begin with the end in mind.

This section of the portal provides access to manuals, technical tools and secondary information for comprehensive disaster risk assessment.

straight_arrow.gifThis arrow draws attention to manuals which bridge the gap between disaster risk assessment, administration and development. This approach is consistent with the Hyogo Framework which calls for the more effective integration of disaster risk considerations into sustainable development policies, planning and programming at all levels. In this way, countries, communities and their citizens can work together to first and foremost avoid disasters and to reduce the probability of harmful consequences.

Manuals and tools which include a glossary (or emphasize understanding of key terms) are markedrect_arrow.gif

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