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Assessments for Disaster Response & Early Recovery

This portal is primarily designed for actors involved in or affected by humanitarian assistance. This includes actors at the household, community, country and headquarters levels.

This is an inventory of post-disaster needs assessment manuals, technical tools and secondary.

Post-disaster needs assessment has been labeled one of the key unresolved challenges in the disaster management context. Therefore, this inventory is not intended to be the last word on the subject, but rather a starting point to build awareness of resources already in use and new resources as they become available.

flag.gifThis flag draws your attention to those resources which take assessment beyond acute and immediate humanitarian needs to consider early recovery issues. This is not the same as identifying longer-term needs (e.g., after the first month). It goes beyond issues of damage, supply or capacity to look at issues including rights, claims, stores and resources and access.

Manuals and tools which include a glossary (or emphasize understanding of key terms) are markedrect_arrow.gif

For a current humanitarian disaster, please verify with the participating organizations which resources are in use.

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