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About the Disaster Assessment Portal

The Disaster Risk Assessment Portal is produced by UN-HABITAT was a place where members of the disaster management community can meet to exchange tools and case studies related to disaster risk assessment.

The core features of the original portal remain.

  • Links to sites with resources and useful information for disaster risk assessment.

  • The intended users include persons involved or interested in disaster risk reduction.

  • Tips are provided for first time users.

  • Return visitors can search for resources or useful information by clicking on the appropriate icon.

There are also some changes. The Disaster Assessment Portal now has two sections: one for response and early recovery assessments following a disaster and another for comprehensive disaster risk assessment. The resources are appropriate for countries and communities, including the urban level.

The portal emphasizes the following key messages.

  • Post-disaster assessments should go beyond acute and immediate humanitarian needs to consider early recovery issues and to reduce future disaster risk.

  • Risk means the probability of harmful consequences, or expected losses (deaths, injuries, property, livelihoods, economic activity disrupted or environment damaged) resulting from interactions between natural or human-induced hazards and vulnerable conditions.

  • Comprehensive disaster risk assessment includes: hazard identification, vulnerability analysis, capacity analysis, risk analysis, risk evaluation and risk communication.

  • Comprehensive disaster risk assessment should be integrated with administration and development. In this way, countries, communities and their citizens can work together to avoid disasters where possible and to confront disasters less frequently.

The new Disaster Assessment Portal is intended to be used for real time reference. That is why it is linked to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) website. The GDACS alerts the humanitarian aid community to actual or potential humanitarian disasters. The Disaster Assessment Portal provides immediate access to assessment resources humanitarian aid partners need to know about, need to share or need to use.

The portal contents are streamlined to support this type of access. Only resources with practical elements for immediate use (sometimes with prior training) are included. Finally, the manuals, tools and information are classified by organization, relevance (e.g., intended for use in a specific region or worldwide), scale (e.g., country, community, household) and in some cases theme (e.g., earthquake hazard, food security)

For any questions, comments or inputs please contact: Esteban Leon, UN-HABITAT at leon.unhabitat@unog.ch

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